How do some Blogs increase traffic over 10k Visitors a Day

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Strategies to increase traffic and RSS subscribers use paid for publicity banners and social media sites,with impressive results. One post submitted to Twitter received close to 10K visitors,and another one about 15K. However, while social media sites can bring tons of visitors in a few hours, more than often these visits are hit and run.

Visitors ,organic visitors. They are neither sponsored visitors, nor social media users spending .more time on your site. They are pure organic visitors with an interest for your site.

In this article you will learn the different strategies I used to attract 10,000 quality visitors by using free simple methods available at your fingertips.

Promote Guest Blogging. I’ve used these methods to increase traffic.

Guest Blogging

Writing Services, guest posting is THE best possible visibility to promote this service, much better than paying $1 a click on AdWords.Start promoting your blog using a similar strategy.

Blogging Collaboration

The best thing I did to bring new readers was Writing Services, collaborating with other bloggers is the second best thing.

Bloggers guest posting
Interview with a Pro Blogger
Participating in forums
Link exchange

Interview With a Pro Bloggers

When you get a chance to interview a Pro Blogger, try using this opportunity to maximize your visibility. Some tips that might help:

Tip #1: Interviewing a Pro Blogger is a good idea, but you also need to convince her or him to publish a small post with a back link to your site.

Tip #2: Try to advertise your interview where the Pro Blogger has fans and followers. It could be a Facebook fan group for instance. Join the group and drop a note, this will surely bring you traffic.

Tip #3: Leave a comment on the blogger’s site and finish by mentioning the interview with a direct link to the article.

Participating In Forums

By joining active forums you meet new bloggers and you develop professional, but also friendly relationships.

Link Exchange

Best strategy would be to collaborate with bloggers to exchange traffic.

As you can see, there are simple ways you can use to bring you 10,000organic visitors.

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How to Acquire steady Income from Direct Advertisers for your Website

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How to Acquire Direct Advertisers for your Website for steady Income

You have finished making your own website. You have introduced your company and presented your products and services. You have added propositions and promos to catch your target audience’s attention. You have achieved the dos and don’ts of building a company web site. But why isn’t your website a major success?

Maybe you’re not planning the key to the best promotion of your web site. Here are some guidelines on how to acquire Advertisers for your Website for steady Income for your company’s success.

Ever heard of affiliate programs? These are forms of Internet advertising that rewards the affiliates for driving traffic to the advertiser or for other transactions. The advertiser pays the affiliate to place a link on their website, and the affiliate sends traffic to the advertiser in return. Simply put, it’s about paying commissions to people who help you make sales. It’s that easy. NOT.

Affiliate marketing
Here are the following reasons on why web marketers go gaga over affiliate marketing as a form of Internet advertisement.

1. Low cost

Many are scared to go on a home based business because of the capital required. In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend much to start raking in moolah.

2. Inventories not included

Product management fuss could be very stressing. An inventory is not asked to be maintained. The merchant does the maintenance required.

3. Unlimited income through leverage

When you have a paid job, your monthly income mainly relies on whether you go to work or not. With affiliate marketing, your affiliates could all just lead traffic to your site without having to lift a finger after providing them your ad copy and links. Though not every web marketer earns limitless, it still is a fact that all the necessary matters for the advertiser or Internet marketer are all there to be successful.

4. Go worldwide

With affiliate marketing, you are dealing with a global market place. All you have to do is choose a niche product and prepare all the necessary tools for your affiliates to lead traffic from just about anywhere to your website.

5. Low risk

The very main reason for Internet marketer’s enthusiasm with affiliate marketing is its having a low risk factor. Especially for those with low budget set aside for advertising, affiliate marketing is just the way to do it.

6. No closing time

With affiliate marketing, your business works every single second of the day while targeting a worldwide market! What could be better than that?

But all of these will be put to waste if you don’t have the right niche product and all the other important tools to make it big in affiliate marketing, i.e., well-SEO-ed website. So better work on this first before ever considering those benefits.

Here are some free web site promotions you could try until you find the most effective.

*Free promotions such as search engines and directories would give your web site the deserved traffic you always wanted. Make sure to check your web site’s ranking to know whether or not this type of free promotion is right for you.

*Make a deal with other web sites on trading links which could help both web sites. Make sure to use words that could easily interest the audience.

*Find free classified ads that could boost the promotion of your web site. These ads could be seen by other people who you are not targeting for, but may as well be interested in your services.

*Free and low-cost internet banners are spread all through out the World Wide Web. Banners that pop-up at the top of a page or in a separate window would automatically catch your target audience’s attention.

If your web site and its free promotion did not work even after accomplishing these methods, analyze your web site. Track down all visitors, advertisements, and transactions. Then locate errors in your web site. Upload new files to your web site continuously for audience to return for new products and services. Monitor your own web site if it’s up in the market or down.

Then be ready to try the methods again and surely it will work.

It has always been said that the best things in life are free.

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Making Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

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Amazon’s Affiliate program  cost a little money (for hosting, design etc).

Amazon’s Affiliate program.

Amazon’s Affiliate program has also been an important income stream.

10 Years and $500,000

Why Many People Use the Amazon Affiliate Program ?

  • Amazon is a trusted brand – everyone knows Amazon. If someone were going to buy online, Amazon would have to be one of the safest options.
  • Commissions on higher value products – while 4% on a book isn’t a high commission, if you promote a high value product (like a camera) the commission can be decent.
  • People buy more than one item  – when you send someone to Amazon you earn a commission on whatever they buy, whether they end up buying what you sent them to or not. Many people load up their cart with numerous items so commissions can add up.
  • Easy integration – Amazon provides some good tools and widgets to help you integrate the sales channel into your website.
  • Holidays times – Amazon runs some good seasonal sales. Thanksgiving to Christmas .
  • Amazon has a wide array of products – Amazon is so much more than books these days. There are so many promotional options that most niches would probably find something relevant to their audience.

Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

 Traffic Traffic Traffic


As with most methods of making money  better chance your Amazon Traffic converting. Not all kinds of traffic converts.

Your main focus needs to be on creating great content and building traffic to your blog.

In the long run, that is what will help you earn more from Amazon.

Loyalty  Converts

Factor in the increase in earnings Search visitors don’t sign up to the affiliate programs on my blogs.

Loyal and repeat readers do.

 The Intent of people

Another big factor  of Amazon Affiliate conversions is to add to the mix of content on the site with more articles relevant to people buying products.

If you want to attract search traffic that is more likely to convert, consider creating content that attracts people in a buying mood.

Relevancy Promoting

  • Promoting iPods on a blog that largely talks about  promoting relevant books, CDs and DVDs instead.

Try different products related to your topic and track which products convert best .

 Promotions and Discounts


Amazon during the year, Amazon runs other special discounts and promotions on different products or product categories.

Buy Now Buttons

It basically involves using a ‘buy now’ button in your post. The familiarity of the button  increases conversions.

 High Quality Products


When you promote quality, it is much easier to be both genuine in your reviews and recommendations

which leads to conversions and commissions.

Let Amazon Do What They’re Good At

Converting visitors into buyers. Amazon  present people with products relevant to them (based upon previous surfing and buying habits) and over many years they have tweaked their site so converts really well.

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How to Make Money With Mobile Marketing

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When it comes to a successful business, many owners know that advertising is the key. But with so many other businesses out there fighting for the consumer’s attention, it takes a truly savvy advertising campaign to stay competitive. And as many business owners can tell you, a great advertising campaign requires more than just the traditional advertising tactics like radio ads, billboards and direct mail; it also takes something that speaks to a new generation of consumers – mobile marketing. If this powerful advertising tool isn’t part of your campaign, then read on to learn more about how to make money with mobile marketing.

First, we need a good definition of mobile marketing. Basically, it involves the use of cell phones to target advertising to a specific group of consumers who “opt in”, or choose to receive advertisements. The most common way advertisers do this is through SMS or MMS – text messaging, either with words, audio, video or images. Take a minute now to imagine how many people you personally know who have cell phones. Then think about all the people they know who have cell phones. Are you starting to get a picture of how to make money with mobile devices?

One of the best ways to go about setting up an excellent mobile campaign is to either seek out the services of companies that specialize in mobile marketing, or to purchase a launch kit and do it yourself. If you are fairly smart when it comes to technology, then setting things up yourself with a kit is a good idea. If you aren’t, that’s okay! Learning how to make money with mobile marketing launch kits only works if you know what you are doing, and there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional to get you started. There’s always the option of doing it yourself in the future, once you understand the basics.


The amount of potential customers you can reach through mobile marketing is huge, and in fact mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of advertising. So if you’re ready to take your business advertising to the next level, then it’s time to get out there and learn more about how to make money with mobile marketing.

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Best Way of Making Money on a Blog is Through Sponsorship

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Raising sponsorship money can be a difficult process.

If you don’t know where to start, raising sponsorship money for an event or a sport’s team can seem daunting. There are a few ways to raise money to support your cause or help you put on your event. The easiest way is receiving donations. When asking for donations, keep in mind that a business can use their donation to you as a tax write-off, so don’t feel guilty when you ask.

Have a question? Get an answer from a Personal Finance Professional!

  • Letter of intent


    • 1   Create a letter on intent to present to businesses when you ask for money. The letter of intent should explain who you are, what you are doing and why you need to be sponsored. Your letter should look and read professionally. A logo at the top of your letter will add a nice touch.
    • 2   Visit local businesses and ask for donations. When visiting the businesses, bring your letter of intent and look presentable. Try wearing an item that corresponds with the reason your need the donations. For example, if you are looking to raise money for a school’s band, wear a shirt with the name of the school band on it.
  • Start Generating Publicity & Attracting Customers-Join Free!
    • 3  Visit chain stores (e.g., Target, Starbucks, etc.) and inquire about donations and sponsorships. Some of the larger companies may refer you to their corporate offices, while other chain stores’ management makes those decisions.
    • 4  Hold fundraisers to help with raising money. Car washes and selling edible items are great ways to raise money.
    • 5  Set up a website where people can leave donations. Promote the website on social networking sties like Facebook and Twitter.
    • 6  Contact your city’s newspaper. Ask a reporter to write a piece about your sponsorship needs in the “Local” section of the paper.

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